Christmas lighting

Remember those magical nights as a child, when you’d pile into the family station wagon with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of steaming hot chocolate? The excitement would build as you drove through neighborhoods, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the endless houses adorned with twinkling lights.

Sadly, those enchanting scenes seem to be fading away, but we’re here to bring them back for the kids of this generation! Louisville Painting Company is proud to offer our Christmas Lighting Installation services, designed to sprinkle a little extra holiday magic across your community.

What Makes Us Different?

Professional Expertise

Louisville Painting Company brings years of experience and a certified team to ensure your holiday lights are not only beautifully designed but also installed with precision and safety. Unlike the competition, we have a lighting designer on staff to maximize the "wow factor" of your display.

Convenience and Value

Our comprehensive packages start at a minimum cost of $1500, which includes not only the complete installation of commercial-grade lights but also the convenience of take-down and storage after the holidays. You won't find this level of value and service with other providers.

Year Round Celebrations

While we excel in Christmas lighting, we're not limited to just one holiday. Louisville Painting Company offers decoration services for various occasions, including Halloween, the 4th of July, Diwali, weddings, graduations, and more. We're your all-season, all-celebration partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting designer to maximize the wow factor, commercial-grade lights, complete installation by a certified company, and take-down and storage of lights after the holidays.

Once the deposit has been received, your home will be added to the next open slot on our calendar. We stop installations on December 15.

For reasons of safety, efficiency, and liability, we do not install any lights that we have not purchased. 

Roof line (edge of roof), ridge line (peaks of roof), columns, windows, doors, bushes, and trees.

You can add wreaths, bows, lighted trees, garland, landscape and yard lighting to further decorate your home or business.

Yes, we offer color-changing lights for trees and bushes.

We use large C9 bulbs on the roof and ridge lines of the home and on large trees. On bushes and tree trunks, we use mini lights to give the perfect lighted effect. Both are LED style lights.

No, we offer rental-style lighting packages to ensure the highest quality lights and proper maintenance. If a bulb goes out, we will replace it.

We own the lights, so we’ll definitely come back for them! We want to ensure your home isn’t stuck with Christmas lights up in April.

Absolutely! We offer decoration services for a variety of holidays, including Halloween, the 4th of July, Diwali, and special events like weddings and graduations. We’re here to make your celebrations shine year-round!

Care Is Our Priority

A high-quality residential Christmas lighting installation service in Kentuckiana. We provide free estimates and are committed to customer satisfaction.